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we're all mad
There's public stuff here:

This place is mostly for grousing and random bits of joy and if you're not a troll i'll totally friend you but you have to be Not a Troll.
Because I really don't need any new reasons to not like people.

May. 24th, 2012

I recently went through an F-List purge.
If I removed you by mistake and you want to be put back, let me know.

...and then there was salad EVERYWHERE.

shockbad, eyeswideopen
Just took a second look in the fridge.
Between the salad greens I bought this week, the salad greens in my CSA, and the mesculan mix growing on the back porch...


Apr. 20th, 2012

head explodey
and then my head exploded a little bit and i died.


we're all mad
In case you haven't seen it already, this video's for you clevermanka...



dream, inutska, sleep
The gallery show opens on the 4th!
In the meantime, I have to write and artist statement, and send Luis one image of my work to represent the whole show, and I would really love an outside opinion!
Everything I've got photographed is here.
If you've got a moment and could take a gander, please let me know.
And if your spouse/SO/roommate has an opinion.....please?

I had a To-Do List...

dream, inutska, sleep
...but instead it's pajama time, with Netflix.
I'm so ready for next week to be over.



dream, inutska, sleep
Yesterday was Winter Solstice.

Today....well, today is a new beginning.


creepy, arm, gross, broken, bleh
I'm working on tidy-ing the house, and making it festive and lovely, and I found some Winter themed tins and boxes to put on the table as part of a sort of non-centerpiece.
But one of them seemed kind of heavy.

It's full of year-old cookies Taj was supposed to eat!

Strangely, they look fresh.
I'm tempted to tell him they are...
glance, meem, catty
Originally posted by kylecassidy at post

A good samaritan found this cat today in a gutter by Clark Park, half dead. He is now at the Cat Doctor with a body temperature of 90 (normal is 102) and blood PCV of 8. The Cat Doctor housecat, Diamond, is currently donating blood to save his life. During the exam, the vet found that this cat has a microchip. When called, his "owners" reported that he was acting sick, so they put him outside. If this makes you as angry as it makes us, please channel your anger in one of two ways: visit our website at and make a donation to help us pay for his care, or share this post and encourage others to do so.

Click to donate.

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